Buy LeadNetPro? or is LeadNetPro a scam?

Buy LeadNetPro? Or is LeadNetPro a scam?

LeadNetPro is one of the quickest growing systems on the markets today. But with so many systems such as iBuzzPro and Phone Broadcast Club, is it really worth spending $397 for this software? We wrote this LeadNetPro review so that you can make an educated decision.

When we first invested in the LeadNetPro software, we were still a bit skeptical.  There are many decent programs on the market (like iBuzzPro and Phone Broadcast Club) and LeadNetPro still had a lot to prove.

LeadNetPro was launched in October 2010 by Dan Miller. Dan Miller is a veteran marketer and MLMer. He knows the game very well which is why we initially invested in LNP.

We have to admit that we were very pleasantly surprised once we had the system setup. You can almost feel the lead generating power coursing through you fingertips as you het to know the software.

Perhaps the best feature of the LeadNetPro software is the fact that you get both email marketing and phone broadcasting all in one robust platform. Dan Miller and his team are also constantly updating the system to improve it. For example, they recently added several more phone service carriers to enhance the LeadNetPro network capacity.

The contact extract is the foundation of lead generation within LNP. You can extract data from numerous sources including Googles, Yahoo, Craigslist, Merchant Circle and others. This gives you access to not only consumers but also businesses and their owners.

The mailer is extremely fast and has performed very well for us. The same is true for the phone broadcast system. The phone broadcasting system comes with the cheapest rates in the industry at only 1.8 cents per minute.

So is this the perfect get rich quick system? No. For all of its power, you still need to have some creativity when using it. You want to make your message stand out. You will also want a product or service to promote with LeadNetPro beyond just selling the system itself. However, you also sell affiliate products or even phone broadcasting services through LeadNetPro itself. LNP gives you all the promotional power you need.

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